Oh gosh it’s been a while since I’ve posted. But I’m riding a post-midterm high and this song is definitely reinforcing the feeling, so here we go. Today’s track comes from an artist out of Ireland by the name of Bantum. I hadn’t heard of the guy before two days ago, but the sound is definitely one to note. To draw a comparison to existing sounds, I get the image of a non-dubstep version of Eskmo; lots of sampling/filters, no snare on the third. Some people say that would otherwise be known as Four Tet but I only have one track in my library and I’m pretty sure it’s mislabelled to no end.

No Youtube upload available, and I’m not about to play that copyright roulette game, so I’ll link you to where it showed up on Hype Machine:


You can download Bantum’s latest EP (which has New String on it) for free from their site on Bandcamp, http://bantum.bandcamp.com. New String is probably the better track on the album of four, but it makes me wonder what’s in store for an LP release. If it’s anything like New String, I’ll be more than stoked.