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BBNG. If you’re asking about the pig mask, it apparently demonstrates how well they know each other; no need for eye contact while playing, they can all feel each other just like that.

So there’s been a little bit of a hiatus between my last post and this one, however, why not get back into it? But without further delay, onto the music!

I’ve been listening to BADBADNOTGOOD (BBNG) for about a year now. I first heard them on-the-ever so amazing Hype Machine, and was so enthralled that I had to get a hold of the album the song was attached to. The album in question is BBNG2, their second self-titled album, which, as far as it goes, blew me out of the water for what I was expecting to hear. Why I didn’t think to continue looking for their first album I don’t know, but I wish I had sooner, because it’s so very exciting to listen to as well.

I’ve had to ask myself why I love BADBADNOTGOOD and their sound so much, and for me it comes down to their interpretation of jazz and what you can do with it. Some argue that what they do isn’t inherently “jazz” per se but if you drill down deep enough every single band follows their own genre, thanks to individuality of style, among others things. But I digress: I love BBNG because of their sound; they place a jazz emphasis on hip-hop, or maybe its hip-hop influenced jazz. Whatever it is, it’s the progressive that sound they offer which really makes them stand out from the rest; it’s new, it’s fresh, and as a jazz fan who happens to listen to a lot of everything, hip hop included, it’s absolutely tantalizing to listen to.

Some things to note about BBNG: they are Canadian, hailing from Toronto. If you’re interested in reading more, I refer you to this piece done up in the this piece done up in NOW Toronto, but I’ll note a few things: as of now, the trio are all aged between 20-22, having released 2 albums so far (and based on a recent track release, seem set to release a third), and have a tour lined up in Europe this summer. Before that, however, they’re playing at the TD Vancouver Jazz Festival this year, running a free show (!!!) on Sunday. Considering that they’re “the first jazz band that’s had people moshing at shows,” it’s sure to be a hell of a set they’ll put on I’m sure. I know where I’m going to be tomorrow.

Did I mention you can get their stuff on their Bandcamp page?

But now, to sample the music:

Fall in Love – BBNG

It covers both bases of their spectrum; you get a jazz-ballad like intro that breaks down into a hip-hop groove. And that Prophet 08; I love the timbre. This track is why I wish I had sought out their first album sooner.

Earl (Feat. Leland Whitty) – BBNG2

The opening track on BBNG2, it was love at first sound for me. That funk, that sax, that filth on the keyboard, and that trace of hip hop. I’m a sucker for certain chord progressions, but I know it goes well beyond that.

Hedron – BBNG3

Released just 2 days ago, you can see the progression that’s occurred in terms of their sound. I’m heavily reminded of some earlier Jaga Jazzist, but they still make it their own with that hip hop feel. Just lovely.


It’s not often you listen to a song for the first time and it just totally grabs your attention and is all in your face about it. This is one of those songs. Enough to actually go and make a spontaneous post about it. Best I can describe it is as a cross between Mord Fustang and Wolfgang Gartner. Did I mention there’s a keyboard solo (I would hope that it’s improvised because that would make this track so much more badass)? In any case I definitely get a feel of some prior jazz influence in this artist. First I’ve heard of him, but I like where he’s headed.

The Christmas Post

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s Christmas time (surprise!). Hopefully you’ve got all your Christmas shopping done; if not, well, you’ve still got a few hours left to get stuff. I finished exams late this year (the 17th to be precise, although I know of people who had some later that that…not cool university, not cool) and as such had a week to get things done. Somehow, I got everything done in a day, although it was a rather full day of shopping to say the least. At least everyone was rather well behaved, unlike a few people down in Texas. Maybe you heard about the people who got maced at an early mall opening for being too rowdy. They were there for the limited release of a new kind of Air Jordans. PEOPLE GOT MACED FOR BEING TOO UNRULY OVER A PAIR OF SHOES. I mean, seriously people. Anyways, you can read the rest of the article here if you like.

This is a music blog, however, so onto the music. No doubt you’ve been listening to all sorts of Christmas music for the past little while, some of you earlier than others (read: some a few days ago, others starting in the middle of November). If you’re like me, you may have possibly grown a little tired of all the original classics. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, I do appreciate them. However, diversity is the spice of life, no? Ok so barring that terrible cliché, it’s always nice to have some new Christmas music to listen to. I’ve got two alternative (well, at least it’s true with the latter) tracks for ya.

Tom Petty – It’s Christmas All Over Again

This song is possibly as old as I am, but unlike the original Christmas classics, I’ve yet to actually grow tired of it. Besides, Tom Petty + Christmas = Awesome times. Awesome times indeed.

Muse – Starlight (Christmas Remix)

Another Muse track? Me? Go figure. As far as remixes go it’s fairly simple; it’s Starlight with a Christmas touch, where the piano has been replaced with orchestral bells, sleigh bells play in the background, and even (what I’m pretty sure to be) a glockenspiel. Simple, but oh so effective. It’s the right song to do it for as well imo. It could totally be a Christmas song, right? Enjoy.

So, for whichever holiday you celebrate around this time of year, be it Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, The Solstice, or perhaps even Festivus (hope you brought your wrestling gear if you do), have a good one this holiday season.

Ski (and Board) Music



So apparently I like to shoot myself in the foot and procrastinate the hell out of things. Supposed to be writing a paper, and yet here I am making a post. Well I mean, it’s been a little while since I have, so I thought, “Why the hell not?” Not like I’ve anything important to do. This is really bad, since I killed my usually work filled Thursday for the sake of playing in the massive dump of snow SFU got. Went skiing in the nearby city park, even hit a kicker (don’t be impressed, I’m not good at all in anything park related. Like actually). I think I totally screwed up the base on my skis, but definitely, definitely worth it.

Anyways, no actual artist-centric post today. This one regards a site. Now I’ve made the odd mention to The Hype Machine on here before (check it out if you haven’t…amazing site), but there is another epic site I stumbled across rather recently. Perhaps you are a fan of skiing? And maybe you also happen to like watching ski movies? And let’s say you saw a ski movie once, and loved a song, but missed what it was called in the closing credits? And let’s say you don’t own said movie. Hell, if you’re thinking “this sounds like me” chances are you don’t own the movie in question. Or maybe you’re me and want to make a music playlist that is solely related to skiing.

If you’re still reading this, and you think any of the above relates to you, then you’re in luck. There is a website that catalogues all songs used in pretty much every ski movie out there. Dates back to a while as well. But yeah, if you’re looking for said tunes at all, you’re in luck. The site is called, perhaps unsurprisingly, Ski Movie Music ( Check it out for all of your, well, ski movie music needs. And for all of you boarders, don’t think I left you out of the picture as well. The same site exists for you as well, and it goes by the name of Rider Tunes ( Check it ouuuuuuut.

Sleigh Bells

So, perhaps there are a few of you out there who are jonesing for a new fix from The Kills. Well if you aren’t already aware (I’m pretty sure it should be common knowledge by now…right?), they won’t be getting back together any time soon. Not since the departure of lead singer/front-woman of the band, Allison Mossheart, to perform lead vocals for the Nashville based supergroup The Dead Weather. Fortunately, the sacrifice of one group for the sake of another was worthwhile. However, her departure (and thus dismantling of the group) has left a niche which has yet to be occupied…until now. Well, they released their first album Treats a year ago but it isn’t really until now that they’re receiving a lot of attention, first on the site RCRD LBL and then a little while later on Hype Machine.

Enter Sleigh Bells. Based out of Brooklyn, the duo is composed of the members Derek E. Miller and Alexis Krauss. Miller is the lead guitarist, songwriter, and producer; Krauss does lyrics. As a slight aside, I find the fact that these two are working together a little interesting considering their backgrounds; Miller was the former guitarist for the hardcore bands Poison the Well and Give up the Ghost, while Krauss was a member of Rubyblue, a teen pop group (to be honest I had never heard of the group until I read about it elsewhere). Random fact: after Miller left Poison the Well, the remaining members left to form the group otherwise known as Surfer Blood. Perhaps you’ve heard of them?

To describe their (as in Sleigh Bells…just to clarify) sound, I personally think they bear some resemblance to The Kills (as you might have guessed from the opening paragraph), but to be honest, their sound is a little harder than that. If you listen to Infinity Guitars, for example, your first thought might be that it is a frugal low quality recording, or even a demo. But no, it appears that’s the sound they’re going for; so much treble and hiss that you fear for the life of your speakers. Not to say that it’s a bad thing; a Low-Fi sound can be good if done right, and especially if it’s not heroin driven like John Frusciante’s solo attempt between RHCP’s albums Blood Sugar Sex Magic and Californication (some might say it was good, but it was during this time that the guy lost all his teeth and now has to sport dentures…I’m just glad he didn’t lose his guitar playing ability.)

Want to feel like a badass wherever you go? Just crank the tunes below. But before listening, you may want to turn the sound down low and work your way up…because according to one comment I read you actually can blow out your speakers listening to them haha.

Infinity Guitars has been getting good play on Hype Machine recently. Pretty bad ass music video…to go with a pretty bad ass track.  *Edit* So apparently the first video won’t play thanks to copyright issues with playback on other sites.  I would update the vid with just a song but the music video is definitely worthwhile to watch, so I would definitely watch it on youtube if I were you.

I wasn’t really sure where else to go with other videos, so here’s their highest played track on Youtube, Crown on the Ground.

And to round it off, here’s another track I like: Treats

Alex Metric

OK, I’m going to keep today’s post short because, well, this guy is fairly new and there isn’t a whole lot to be said. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to such a consistently good remix artist before. I’m not kidding, the quality of remixes the British DJ turns out is just too excellent. Also he may or may not have been voted “Best Remixer of the Year” by Clash Music magazine. Considering that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s a resident DJ on the BBC Radio 1 show, “In New DJ’s We Trust.” He handles remixes like a veteran of the trade, and he’s improving as time moves forward still. He doesn’t just stop at the remix though; he does produce his own material. While it is only 4 EP’s worth over the course of 2 years, they have all been very solid releases. The handful of other singles out there that aren’t tied to an EP are even better. And when he remixes his own work, such as with the track “Deadly on a Mission,” well, I have but one word: fan-fucking-tastic.

If you look closely at 33 seconds, you’ll catch a glimpse of Stephen Colbert.

I’ve heard a number of Lisztomania remixes but this is still by far my favourite.

This is one of his later remixes. He’s gonna go places, that’s for sure.

Last one. This is what I was talking about, when he remixes his own work. A personal favourite, but hopefully you see it that was as well.

Considering the rate at which music is turned out these days, what you’re listening to today can differ greatly from last week, let alone from the previous month.  As such, old favourites can get lost amongst the swath of the new coming in.  So what I will do from time to time is take my entire library and put it on shuffle and listen to whatever it throws at me.  Today was one such day where it happens.

It’s such a cool feeling you get when you rediscover old favourites.  It gets cooler still when you learn that a song is tied to some totally awesome memory.  The song in question is At The End Of The Day by Amon Tobin.  This was one of the songs that came up, and I realized that I had definitely heard this song somewhere before.  Last month, because I was going through some serious skiing withdrawal, I decided to watch a few ski movies.  One of those was Tanner Hall’s ‘Believe.’  As it turned out (but which I failed to realize at the time), At The End Of The Day was one of the songs in the movie.  It’s a sweet song, much like anything by Tobin.  Chill and yet exciting to hear at the same time; perfect for a ski movie.  There’s also the fact that I’m reminded of skiing from listening to it…which if anyone else has seen the film likely feels the same way. Woooooooooooo skiing!!!  Or boarding.  I’m not being discriminatory here.

So like most awesome songs like this I definitely listened to it another 20 times or so after making the connection.  Anyways, here’s the song below.    If you want to watch it in context of the ski movie, jump ahead to 6:43 until the end of the song in the first video.  If you’d rather just listen to the song while watching a trippy shot of a flower, then the second video is for you.

Whistler opens in 32 days.  And with La Nina set for this year, the season is looking to be totally sick this year.  Fuck school, I want to go skiing.