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As far as collaborations go, this is definitely not one I would expect to see. Then again, this isn’t the first time they’ve done it either so it shows what I know. It’s nothing complicated melodically, but there’s something quite beautiful in it’s simplicity. The subtle guitar and soft kick on the beat really leaves the emphasis on Yelawolf (and the chorus that Sheeran sings). It comes so close to spoken word (if you exclude Sheeran’s presence), and yet it’s so much more. Anyways, take a listen yourself.


Mord Fustang…it seems like everything he touches turns into gold.  Well I mean you could say that the track itself is already gold, but production values with Top 40 tracks are always…lacking.  So it’s always nice to see some producers give their take on such songs.  If you’re like me, you’ll find it hard to listen to the original the same again.

Bantum – New String

Oh gosh it’s been a while since I’ve posted. But I’m riding a post-midterm high and this song is definitely reinforcing the feeling, so here we go. Today’s track comes from an artist out of Ireland by the name of Bantum. I hadn’t heard of the guy before two days ago, but the sound is definitely one to note. To draw a comparison to existing sounds, I get the image of a non-dubstep version of Eskmo; lots of sampling/filters, no snare on the third. Some people say that would otherwise be known as Four Tet but I only have one track in my library and I’m pretty sure it’s mislabelled to no end.

No Youtube upload available, and I’m not about to play that copyright roulette game, so I’ll link you to where it showed up on Hype Machine:

You can download Bantum’s latest EP (which has New String on it) for free from their site on Bandcamp, New String is probably the better track on the album of four, but it makes me wonder what’s in store for an LP release. If it’s anything like New String, I’ll be more than stoked.

Coyote Kisses – Acid Wolfpack

It just occurred to me that I don’t post singles that often.  It also occurred to me that I simply just don’t post that often, although that’s beside the point of this post.

Not to much to say about these guys, other than they have a unique sound in electro I haven’t really heard before.  Keyboards generally don’t take center stage with electro (at least as far as I’m aware of), if they take the stage at all, so something like this is refreshing to listen to.  Makes me wonder if they take a key-tar to town with a live set.  Enjoy!

At first I was like, “Damn!”  But then I was like, “DAYUMMMMM.”

Bare Noize, doing their thing pushing the envelope on dubstep.

A Pretty Lights Mashup

Every time I come back to get started on working on a post something else comes along and distracts the crap out of me…maybe this is why microblogging is so popular. A short one for ya. Just found this track, currently have it on repeat. It’s an awesome down-tempo mash-up by Pretty Lights, taking Radiohead, Nirvana, and Nine Inch Nails, mashing it together, and putting his own twist on it. It’s different, but I think that’s part of the appeal. Also, it’s Pretty Lights…so, no argument there in my books.

Soooooo I’m pretty dead from a paper that was due today, which coincided with a third midterm for another, insane course (and the final is in a mere six days…woot?). Also had another midterm on the Wednesday…so yeah, this week’s been pretty crazy for work, didn’t have time to make a real post. Hadn’t anticipated making a post today either, but I go on Hype Machine for the first time this week and have this as the first thing I see? Straight up: HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT

Redonkulous dubstep is redonkulous.

That is all.

Considering the rate at which music is turned out these days, what you’re listening to today can differ greatly from last week, let alone from the previous month.  As such, old favourites can get lost amongst the swath of the new coming in.  So what I will do from time to time is take my entire library and put it on shuffle and listen to whatever it throws at me.  Today was one such day where it happens.

It’s such a cool feeling you get when you rediscover old favourites.  It gets cooler still when you learn that a song is tied to some totally awesome memory.  The song in question is At The End Of The Day by Amon Tobin.  This was one of the songs that came up, and I realized that I had definitely heard this song somewhere before.  Last month, because I was going through some serious skiing withdrawal, I decided to watch a few ski movies.  One of those was Tanner Hall’s ‘Believe.’  As it turned out (but which I failed to realize at the time), At The End Of The Day was one of the songs in the movie.  It’s a sweet song, much like anything by Tobin.  Chill and yet exciting to hear at the same time; perfect for a ski movie.  There’s also the fact that I’m reminded of skiing from listening to it…which if anyone else has seen the film likely feels the same way. Woooooooooooo skiing!!!  Or boarding.  I’m not being discriminatory here.

So like most awesome songs like this I definitely listened to it another 20 times or so after making the connection.  Anyways, here’s the song below.    If you want to watch it in context of the ski movie, jump ahead to 6:43 until the end of the song in the first video.  If you’d rather just listen to the song while watching a trippy shot of a flower, then the second video is for you.

Whistler opens in 32 days.  And with La Nina set for this year, the season is looking to be totally sick this year.  Fuck school, I want to go skiing.

I ran into this track around early August or so. I had never actually listened to much of Gamble and Burke (read: at the time, “Who?”). Just another artist I had yet to recognize, and another discovery thanks to Hype Machine. It certainly is a chill track in comparison to something else you might hear in a club – not exactly fitting for this side of the Atlantic. Then again, they do come from France (at least, an album is being released on the French record label Kitsune, so it is at the very least produced for a French audience), and I can’t even begin to delve into, let alone comprehend, the differences between the North American and European club scene, and this foregoes the localized differences within Europe.

In any case, it is a slower track, maybe good for a bit of a break in a DJ set at a club over here, although I can’t remember the last time I was at a club (different from an actual show of course) and heard a break this slow. In any case, while the original mix is pretty decent, I’m a bigger fan of the take done by Boston’s Hot Pink Delorean. He turned the 4 minute, not so club-ready track into a real 7 minute banger. The overall tempo increase from the addition of a steady 4/4 beat really kicks it, although I think what really makes this track great is the rework of the chorus. Altering the chorus the way Hot Pink does, combined with that first drop at the 2 minute mark, makes this a great way to kick off your night.

So I was browsing around Hype Machine (as I am prone to be found doing), and happened upon this song.  It sounded awfully familiar, and yet I couldn’t remember where it was from.  So I did a little research, and then did a sort of facepalm, as I felt I should have figured it out earlier.  The original song is from the movie The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  Having discovered upon this, I want to watch that movie again…if only I still had a working VCR.  Oh well, might be time to torrent that shit.

Ennio Morricone looks like a pretty awesome guy though.  From what I’ve read, he did a bunch of the scores for many Western movies, and has two Grammy’s to boot.  Explains the familiar sound though; this guy pretty much defined the Western genre soundtrack.  Pretty dope imo.

Not too much work was done to the song, the original was kept intact for the most part.  Some slight editing on the timing of song sections, a focus on the vocal portion (but any kind of focus is typical with remixes really), and perhaps most noticeably, a solid drum beat added.

Out of interest, here is the original, along with the scene from the movie featuring the music.  It’s where Tuco (“The Ugly”, played by Eli Wallach) is running through a cemetery blindly looking for the Confederate gold buried in a currently unknown grave.  The song name, translated into English (for those of you who suck with languages other than English, like myself), is “The Ecstasy of Gold.”  Very appropriate.