I’m a third year biomedical physiology major attending SFU in Burnaby, BC. I’ve always done alright in sciences, but my real passion is music. Ideally, that would be my career choice; I’ve the background and practice in, and I can play pretty decently. Turns out I just suck at the creativity aspect. So science it is. But I never gave up on music, maybe just settled for the middle ground. It’s a huge part of my life. Some people sit and browse around Youtube, watching videos to pass the time. I sit and browse around various internet radio stations or music streaming sites, always looking for new music. Some people were interested in what I found, so I decided that I would put together a blog to post my findings. This is the result.

I post some links to some music which I have hosted solely for the purposes of previewing.  If you discover an artist that you like, please support them by buying their albums and going to their shows.  If you’re an artist, and have an issue with your music that I’m putting up here, do not hesitate to contact me.