BBNG. If you’re asking about the pig mask, it apparently demonstrates how well they know each other; no need for eye contact while playing, they can all feel each other just like that.

So there’s been a little bit of a hiatus between my last post and this one, however, why not get back into it? But without further delay, onto the music!

I’ve been listening to BADBADNOTGOOD (BBNG) for about a year now. I first heard them on-the-ever so amazing Hype Machine, and was so enthralled that I had to get a hold of the album the song was attached to. The album in question is BBNG2, their second self-titled album, which, as far as it goes, blew me out of the water for what I was expecting to hear. Why I didn’t think to continue looking for their first album I don’t know, but I wish I had sooner, because it’s so very exciting to listen to as well.

I’ve had to ask myself why I love BADBADNOTGOOD and their sound so much, and for me it comes down to their interpretation of jazz and what you can do with it. Some argue that what they do isn’t inherently “jazz” per se but if you drill down deep enough every single band follows their own genre, thanks to individuality of style, among others things. But I digress: I love BBNG because of their sound; they place a jazz emphasis on hip-hop, or maybe its hip-hop influenced jazz. Whatever it is, it’s the progressive that sound they offer which really makes them stand out from the rest; it’s new, it’s fresh, and as a jazz fan who happens to listen to a lot of everything, hip hop included, it’s absolutely tantalizing to listen to.

Some things to note about BBNG: they are Canadian, hailing from Toronto. If you’re interested in reading more, I refer you to this piece done up in the this piece done up in NOW Toronto, but I’ll note a few things: as of now, the trio are all aged between 20-22, having released 2 albums so far (and based on a recent track release, seem set to release a third), and have a tour lined up in Europe this summer. Before that, however, they’re playing at the TD Vancouver Jazz Festival this year, running a free show (!!!) on Sunday. Considering that they’re “the first jazz band that’s had people moshing at shows,” it’s sure to be a hell of a set they’ll put on I’m sure. I know where I’m going to be tomorrow.

Did I mention you can get their stuff on their Bandcamp page?

But now, to sample the music:

Fall in Love – BBNG

It covers both bases of their spectrum; you get a jazz-ballad like intro that breaks down into a hip-hop groove. And that Prophet 08; I love the timbre. This track is why I wish I had sought out their first album sooner.

Earl (Feat. Leland Whitty) – BBNG2

The opening track on BBNG2, it was love at first sound for me. That funk, that sax, that filth on the keyboard, and that trace of hip hop. I’m a sucker for certain chord progressions, but I know it goes well beyond that.

Hedron – BBNG3

Released just 2 days ago, you can see the progression that’s occurred in terms of their sound. I’m heavily reminded of some earlier Jaga Jazzist, but they still make it their own with that hip hop feel. Just lovely.