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It’s not often you listen to a song for the first time and it just totally grabs your attention and is all in your face about it. This is one of those songs. Enough to actually go and make a spontaneous post about it. Best I can describe it is as a cross between Mord Fustang and Wolfgang Gartner. Did I mention there’s a keyboard solo (I would hope that it’s improvised because that would make this track so much more badass)? In any case I definitely get a feel of some prior jazz influence in this artist. First I’ve heard of him, but I like where he’s headed.


As far as collaborations go, this is definitely not one I would expect to see. Then again, this isn’t the first time they’ve done it either so it shows what I know. It’s nothing complicated melodically, but there’s something quite beautiful in it’s simplicity. The subtle guitar and soft kick on the beat really leaves the emphasis on Yelawolf (and the chorus that Sheeran sings). It comes so close to spoken word (if you exclude Sheeran’s presence), and yet it’s so much more. Anyways, take a listen yourself.