At first glance I thought he was really sweaty in this picture.  Had to look a bit closer to realize that it was just shadows.  Shame though, could have made a comment on how hard he works at making his music.

Today’s world of electronic music is largely dominated by the epic genres that are house, dubstep, and (to a lesser extent) drum and base. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it is always nice to go out and explore the other reaches of electronic music. Yes you can throw Amon Tobin and Bonobo into that mix, but they float closer (more consistently anyways) to more chill electro than anything else. Squarepusher fits into none of the above. Well, OK, technically his specialization is drum and base and a subgenre of house music (acid house) but it sounds quite unique thanks to his influences of jazz and music concrète (think electroacoustic).

While he uses the moniker Squarepusher, the man (yes it’s just one…in the studio anyways) behind the music is known as Thomas Jenkinson. Born 1975, he’s been making music since 1994. While he doesn’t carry as much variety in instrumental talent as Bonobo’s Simon Green, there is one instrument he is wickedly superior with: the bass. While I’ve yet to see any of his live performances, his talent on bass is just phenomenal. From what I understand (although don’t quote me on this), what you hear in a track on bass (in terms of rhythm, that is. Of course you have to run the bass through many a machine to generate the sounds you hear) is, for the majority, at speed. While you might not currently be impressed, just listen to a few tracks, and you can be relatively safe to say that he played that riff at tempo. Although the skill doesn’t come from nowhere, he is a trained musician (could you guess at what instrument?). Anyways, see for yourself some of his live bass playing. From what I can tell he’s playing some form of custom built bass (because it seriously looks like it’s carrying 6 strings. Also don’t judge me for not guessing a name, I don’t know guitars very well at all hehe.) here. Sick shit though. Makes you wonder how the bass doesn’t just spontaneously burst into flames.

But yes, the guy has some serious skill. It’s not something you can dance to, but if you’re in the mood for some electro which is “off the beaten track,” then he’s the man for the job. Anyways, some studio tracks for you.

Come On My Selector

His single off of his “Big Loada” album. Apparently, this was what became the start of the “long” music video trend (at 7:22, while the song itself is only 3:27). It’s also a good example of his music concrète-inspired drum and bass.

Squarepusher Theme