The Slew – 100%.  A percentage also known to represent the amount your face will be rocked when you finish listening to the album.

I’m back. Hopefully you all enjoyed the holiday break from whatever it is you’re doing. It’s 2011 now, and with a new year comes new music.

And today, I start the year off with The Slew. With regards to this group, all I can say is, “Holy shit!” I was introduced to these guys through a friend, who had a whole DVD (that’s right, not a CD, but 4.5 GB of 256+ music [looking at file size I’m inclined to say it’s all 320], of which I’m still sorting through). The name is probably warranted, because the sound they’ve generated is a total curveball from things I’ve heard out of the rock-hop genre, which is different from electro-rock. Well ok I can only actually recall one other example of rock-hop, and I’m not entirely convinced that it is a good example to begin with. But safe to say that it is more than likely different from anything you’ve ever heard. But yes, rock-hop. As the name suggests, it is a blend of both rock (in its purest form? None of this pop-rock or dance-rock crap) and hip-hop, but beat oriented hip-hop like from the 90’s, not…rap as it is today. It makes for a really cool sound, one I wouldn’t have figured would really work well together. Shows how much I know though, as The Slew really know how to make it work. I suppose, on a few tracks, I draw a comparison to DJ Shadow, but for the others, I’m at a loss for words to describe them.

A bass player in front of a mixing board?  Yeah, that’s rock-hop for you.  Also pretty damn sweet if I may say so myself.

The band itself comprises of a few different members of a few different backgrounds, both musically and internationally. In a nutshell cracked wide open, its Canadian DJ Kid Koala, American DJ Dynamite D, and Australia’s Chris Ross and Myles Heskett, of Wolfmother fame (the original Wolfmother, not of today’s incarnation). Anyways, I could make multiple attempts at failing to explain what these guys sound like, so I’ll just show you. But before that, a few more things. You can find a much better written article here in Wired ( As well, you can download their entire album for free from Kid Koala’s website ( But if you’re down for a preview before downloading, here are a few tracks off their album, 100%.

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Robbin’ Banks

Battle of Heaven and Hell