So apparently I like to shoot myself in the foot and procrastinate the hell out of things. Supposed to be writing a paper, and yet here I am making a post. Well I mean, it’s been a little while since I have, so I thought, “Why the hell not?” Not like I’ve anything important to do. This is really bad, since I killed my usually work filled Thursday for the sake of playing in the massive dump of snow SFU got. Went skiing in the nearby city park, even hit a kicker (don’t be impressed, I’m not good at all in anything park related. Like actually). I think I totally screwed up the base on my skis, but definitely, definitely worth it.

Anyways, no actual artist-centric post today. This one regards a site. Now I’ve made the odd mention to The Hype Machine on here before (check it out if you haven’t…amazing site), but there is another epic site I stumbled across rather recently. Perhaps you are a fan of skiing? And maybe you also happen to like watching ski movies? And let’s say you saw a ski movie once, and loved a song, but missed what it was called in the closing credits? And let’s say you don’t own said movie. Hell, if you’re thinking “this sounds like me” chances are you don’t own the movie in question. Or maybe you’re me and want to make a music playlist that is solely related to skiing.

If you’re still reading this, and you think any of the above relates to you, then you’re in luck. There is a website that catalogues all songs used in pretty much every ski movie out there. Dates back to a while as well. But yeah, if you’re looking for said tunes at all, you’re in luck. The site is called, perhaps unsurprisingly, Ski Movie Music (www.skimoviemusic.com). Check it out for all of your, well, ski movie music needs. And for all of you boarders, don’t think I left you out of the picture as well. The same site exists for you as well, and it goes by the name of Rider Tunes (www.ridertunes.com). Check it ouuuuuuut.