So, perhaps there are a few of you out there who are jonesing for a new fix from The Kills. Well if you aren’t already aware (I’m pretty sure it should be common knowledge by now…right?), they won’t be getting back together any time soon. Not since the departure of lead singer/front-woman of the band, Allison Mossheart, to perform lead vocals for the Nashville based supergroup The Dead Weather. Fortunately, the sacrifice of one group for the sake of another was worthwhile. However, her departure (and thus dismantling of the group) has left a niche which has yet to be occupied…until now. Well, they released their first album Treats a year ago but it isn’t really until now that they’re receiving a lot of attention, first on the site RCRD LBL and then a little while later on Hype Machine.

Enter Sleigh Bells. Based out of Brooklyn, the duo is composed of the members Derek E. Miller and Alexis Krauss. Miller is the lead guitarist, songwriter, and producer; Krauss does lyrics. As a slight aside, I find the fact that these two are working together a little interesting considering their backgrounds; Miller was the former guitarist for the hardcore bands Poison the Well and Give up the Ghost, while Krauss was a member of Rubyblue, a teen pop group (to be honest I had never heard of the group until I read about it elsewhere). Random fact: after Miller left Poison the Well, the remaining members left to form the group otherwise known as Surfer Blood. Perhaps you’ve heard of them?

To describe their (as in Sleigh Bells…just to clarify) sound, I personally think they bear some resemblance to The Kills (as you might have guessed from the opening paragraph), but to be honest, their sound is a little harder than that. If you listen to Infinity Guitars, for example, your first thought might be that it is a frugal low quality recording, or even a demo. But no, it appears that’s the sound they’re going for; so much treble and hiss that you fear for the life of your speakers. Not to say that it’s a bad thing; a Low-Fi sound can be good if done right, and especially if it’s not heroin driven like John Frusciante’s solo attempt between RHCP’s albums Blood Sugar Sex Magic and Californication (some might say it was good, but it was during this time that the guy lost all his teeth and now has to sport dentures…I’m just glad he didn’t lose his guitar playing ability.)

Want to feel like a badass wherever you go? Just crank the tunes below. But before listening, you may want to turn the sound down low and work your way up…because according to one comment I read you actually can blow out your speakers listening to them haha.

Infinity Guitars has been getting good play on Hype Machine recently. Pretty bad ass music video…to go with a pretty bad ass track.  *Edit* So apparently the first video won’t play thanks to copyright issues with playback on other sites.  I would update the vid with just a song but the music video is definitely worthwhile to watch, so I would definitely watch it on youtube if I were you.

I wasn’t really sure where else to go with other videos, so here’s their highest played track on Youtube, Crown on the Ground.

And to round it off, here’s another track I like: Treats