Considering the rate at which music is turned out these days, what you’re listening to today can differ greatly from last week, let alone from the previous month.  As such, old favourites can get lost amongst the swath of the new coming in.  So what I will do from time to time is take my entire library and put it on shuffle and listen to whatever it throws at me.  Today was one such day where it happens.

It’s such a cool feeling you get when you rediscover old favourites.  It gets cooler still when you learn that a song is tied to some totally awesome memory.  The song in question is At The End Of The Day by Amon Tobin.  This was one of the songs that came up, and I realized that I had definitely heard this song somewhere before.  Last month, because I was going through some serious skiing withdrawal, I decided to watch a few ski movies.  One of those was Tanner Hall’s ‘Believe.’  As it turned out (but which I failed to realize at the time), At The End Of The Day was one of the songs in the movie.  It’s a sweet song, much like anything by Tobin.  Chill and yet exciting to hear at the same time; perfect for a ski movie.  There’s also the fact that I’m reminded of skiing from listening to it…which if anyone else has seen the film likely feels the same way. Woooooooooooo skiing!!!  Or boarding.  I’m not being discriminatory here.

So like most awesome songs like this I definitely listened to it another 20 times or so after making the connection.  Anyways, here’s the song below.    If you want to watch it in context of the ski movie, jump ahead to 6:43 until the end of the song in the first video.  If you’d rather just listen to the song while watching a trippy shot of a flower, then the second video is for you.

Whistler opens in 32 days.  And with La Nina set for this year, the season is looking to be totally sick this year.  Fuck school, I want to go skiing.