Sorry for the serious break from posts made in a while, midterm season started kicking ass and taking names. Apparently mine was one of them? It got to the point where by the time the fifth one rolled around I managed to totally disable/sleep through my various alarms. Woke up 3 minutes before a midterm was slated to start…shit that nightmares are made of. At least, typical student nightmares anyways. Showed up a few minutes late (and a few breaths short), but I made it.

Anyways, I’ve recently pointed in the direction of an artist who goes by the moniker of Skrillex. Before I get into that though, I’m going to mention that, as it happened, it turns out that it wasn’t the first time I had heard work done by the guy. Sonny Moore, his real name, did a stint as the singer of the band From First to Last over two albums and a tour. And he was only 16 when he first joined them. Now that’s just impressive.

It’s also strange to note that he’s only 22 now. I always find it refreshing to find that the big things going on involve people from our generation more and more frequently. Perhaps I’m still stuck in that mindset from when I was 10 and would see that everybody out there being famous and doing something was so much older than I was. I won’t delve much into FFTL (to be honest I’d call the post Skrillex but felt I had to mention FFTL at least a little bit so that didn’t sit right with me) as they’re not really a band I listen to anymore.

Anyways, as the lead singer of FFTL, he was with them for the recording and release of two albums (Dear Diary My Teen Angst Has A Body Count and Heroine) and a handful of supporting act tours. For those of you who were up at Whistler over a certain period of time (late 2006-ish I think?), they had people handing out cards for iTunes to download a given number of songs for free. “The Latest Plague” by FFTL from Heroine was one of those tracks which came with the download. From the stuff I’ve heard, it’s probably my favourite track from them, but that’s about as far as my interest went really. Listened to a handful of other songs but otherwise never really felt anything special towards them. During his last tour, however, Moore started to develop vocal fold nodules from singing for the band (masses of tissue that build up around the vocal chords, the effects of which basically stop you from being able to sing properly). He went in for surgery once to one removed, and actually developed a second nodule. While it doesn’t say this specifically (so don’t quote me on this), I think he left the band not long after surgery for the second instance. Well I mean, you’re singing for a band, and it turns out that it’s causing you harm? Shitty deal, but it’s got to stop somewhere. I suppose had he continued, he’d probably have done permanent damage anyways. If you listen to “The Latest Plague” below, you can probably see how that might come about.

Random music video, but meh. And to think this was largely what I was into way back in 2006. Oh how times have changed. Somewhat.

So presumably after taking a bit of a break, he started a few side projects of sorts, but then got into DJing in LA, which is where he became known as Skrillex. He’s relatively new to the scene in a ways, at least in terms of recognition. It hasn’t really been until now that he’s made some impact in the electro world. Having given a good listen to his stuff (I think one song in particular has made it into my 25 top played list). The music he does is largely death electro and dubstep, but it’s nothing marginal; well I mean, when you can tour with somebody like Nero, I think that says something about the quality of stuff he’s doing. They’re coming here actually, although I wish that I hadn’t been lazy about getting tickets as they are sold out. Sort of pissed with myself, would have been a good show to go to. To those of you who are reading this and are attending, I envy you. Immensely.

But where is he headed? Considering that he signed with Mau5trap records a little over two weeks ago, I’d say somewhere near straight up. If he continues doing what he’s doing, no doubt he’s going to be a big player in the electro scene. Oh yeah, and he’s also touring with Deadmau5 for his US tour…nbd. Anyways, here’s a few songs of his that are worth listening to.

My personal favourite.

Sorta dirty.

Now this is just downright filthy.