I ran into this track around early August or so. I had never actually listened to much of Gamble and Burke (read: at the time, “Who?”). Just another artist I had yet to recognize, and another discovery thanks to Hype Machine. It certainly is a chill track in comparison to something else you might hear in a club – not exactly fitting for this side of the Atlantic. Then again, they do come from France (at least, an album is being released on the French record label Kitsune, so it is at the very least produced for a French audience), and I can’t even begin to delve into, let alone comprehend, the differences between the North American and European club scene, and this foregoes the localized differences within Europe.

In any case, it is a slower track, maybe good for a bit of a break in a DJ set at a club over here, although I can’t remember the last time I was at a club (different from an actual show of course) and heard a break this slow. In any case, while the original mix is pretty decent, I’m a bigger fan of the take done by Boston’s Hot Pink Delorean. He turned the 4 minute, not so club-ready track into a real 7 minute banger. The overall tempo increase from the addition of a steady 4/4 beat really kicks it, although I think what really makes this track great is the rework of the chorus. Altering the chorus the way Hot Pink does, combined with that first drop at the 2 minute mark, makes this a great way to kick off your night.