So I was browsing around Hype Machine (as I am prone to be found doing), and happened upon this song.  It sounded awfully familiar, and yet I couldn’t remember where it was from.  So I did a little research, and then did a sort of facepalm, as I felt I should have figured it out earlier.  The original song is from the movie The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  Having discovered upon this, I want to watch that movie again…if only I still had a working VCR.  Oh well, might be time to torrent that shit.

Ennio Morricone looks like a pretty awesome guy though.  From what I’ve read, he did a bunch of the scores for many Western movies, and has two Grammy’s to boot.  Explains the familiar sound though; this guy pretty much defined the Western genre soundtrack.  Pretty dope imo.

Not too much work was done to the song, the original was kept intact for the most part.  Some slight editing on the timing of song sections, a focus on the vocal portion (but any kind of focus is typical with remixes really), and perhaps most noticeably, a solid drum beat added.

Out of interest, here is the original, along with the scene from the movie featuring the music.  It’s where Tuco (“The Ugly”, played by Eli Wallach) is running through a cemetery blindly looking for the Confederate gold buried in a currently unknown grave.  The song name, translated into English (for those of you who suck with languages other than English, like myself), is “The Ecstasy of Gold.”  Very appropriate.