I’m going to start this blog off right, so who else to start with but Muse. Personal opinion?  Best band ever.  Best live band ever.  I was blessed with the chance to see them in concert when they came to Vancouver in April, and I was blown away.  I was expecting an amazingly good show, but apparently I set my seemingly high expectations too low…NME awards for best live act (they’ve won a few) don’t give justice to their performance.  I was lucky enough to get floor tickets, and was pretty much speechless (alright, I was shouting my face off down there, but you get the drift).  Just take a look at their run through of New Born at Wembley in 2007 for HAARP:

I’m going to tell you right now, this post is pretty much a praise piece in their name.  And also for people who don’t know much about them (or haven’t heard of them, but unless you’ve been living under a Twilight-free rock I find that pretty hard to imagine). Stephanie Meyer is a huge fan, or so I hear (I haven’t read the series, nor do I really feel inclined to start.  I’ve been told she thanks the band in a foreword in her books, exclaims her love for them, etc.).  I guess they responded well, given that they put together a song exclusively for the soundtrack

But enough about that.  If you don’t listen to them now, you seriously need to give them a try.  I’ve yet to see such professional musicianship from any other popular modern band out there.  Their skill is, well, top notch, to say the least.  Matthew Bellamy does both guitar AND piano amazingly well.  Just listen to Butterflies and Hurricanes for some ivory key wonders, and well, most any song is an example of his exemplary guitar skill.  And his vocals…Matt can belt it out with the best of them.  And his falsetto?  Just…wow.

Matt’s not the only one with talent (by the pound, I might add).  Chris Wolstenholme absolutely shreds on bass; just listen to the bass line in Hysteria.  Still haven’t found a song with a bass line that trumps this one imo.  This wasn’t his original instrument either; he used to play drums before the band line up as they are now actually came together.  He agreed to take lessons to learn the instrument, and learn he did.  Interesting to note, he also plays the harmonica.  Really well.  He did an instrumental bit with Dom, the group’s drummer, while playing bass and the harmonica. Potentially lame?  Not when Muse pulls it off.  If anything, it was beyond epic.  And who said harmonicas don’t belong in today’s music scene?

And Dominic Howard is a shining example of progressive rock drumming.  Like with Matt’s phenom guitar skills, Dom’s drumming talent can be seen on pretty much any song they’ve released.  It’s always extremely refreshing to see a drummer who can do more than a simple 4/4 pop-rock drum beat.  Dom brings more drumming talent to the table than most of those top 40 “rock” groups can combined.

As you can tell, I’m a bit of a fanboy about the group, but damn, am I proud to be one.  Anyways, if you’re unaware of these tracks, give them a listen.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.  Also threw in a favourite remix of mine as well.  If you are, well, thanks for bearing with me.  Hopefully you learned some interesting trivia?